Verslag: Tropical Forest Career Night januari 2016

On January 21st 2016 the VTB organized the Tropical Forest Career Night (TFCN) at the WUR, focusing on entrepreneurship in the tropics. Gitte Schrober told us about the Business start-up StartLife, an organization linked to Wageningen University. People wanting to start a business after finishing their studies can get various kinds of support from StartLife. Gitte showed some successful examples of young people who started their own businesses. Next there were 4 pitches of people who work as entrepreneur in the tropics or on topics related to tropical forests. Ard Lengkeek told us about the challenges and successes related to producing biofuels from Jatropha in Mali; Jos Seters explained what kind of analytical work he does at the American Reforestation Company in the Netherlands; Sandra van Hulsen told about her career as an independent consultant and about her work with the Borneo Initiative; and last Wilbert van Rooij showed us what kind of GIS and modelling work he does all over the world from Singapore to reindeer herders in Lapland. After the pitches there were many questions from the audience, ranging from how to get assignments as a consultant to what is it like to run a business after finishing a scientific study. The speakers provided useful answers, based upon their own experience.

The audience consisted mainly of students of VHL, WUR and UU, but also other people with interest in doing business in the tropics were present.


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