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Code of Conduct – Mailinglist VTB

The VTB mailing list aims to facilitate the sharing of relevant information, materials and provide a platform for constructive discussion of issues related to tropical forests and aims to further contribute to the goals of the VTB. We would like that the broadest diversity of participants – both amateur and professional, new and experienced – feel that the list is welcoming and useful.

This code of conduct helps to ensure an inviting, engaging and respectful environment by capturing the conduct we aspire to when we participate in discussions through the VTB mailing list. 

Together, we strive to: 

  1. Be friendly and patient
    1. The mailing list is a place for voluntary sharing of ideas with the VTB community, and so a sense of fun is part of why we do what we do. Be positive and engaging.
    2. If someone asks for help it is because they need it. Politely suggest specific documentation or more appropriate venues where appropriate. 


2. Be civil and considerate

    1. Disagreement is a normal part of debate and often the basis for a better understanding. In debate, remain factual and professional and refrain from critique of a person or any discriminatory remarksOnly a community where people feel comfortable is a productive one.
    2. Think before you hit the ‘send button’, if you would not feel comfortable saying something to a co-worker or acquaintance, it is probably not appropriate on the VTB list either. 

3. Respect time and attention

    1. Readers  value concision and clarity. Emails that are brief and to the point take more time to write, but are repaid many times over when other members actually read and engage.
    2. Conversations should remain focused and on-topic. If you must change the topic, start a new thread by changing the topic line of your emails.
    3. When replying to an email sent by another list member, carefully consider whether your response is relevant for all list members or mainly for the sender. If it is mainly interesting for the sender, please do not include the address in cc, because otherwise all list members will receive your response.
    4. One-time announcements of commercial products and services that are relevant and appropriate to VTB list members are allowed. Advertising of other commercial products and services is not permitted. In doubt, first contact the moderator (VTB Webcie) before you post.



This code is not exhaustive or complete. It is not a rulebook; it serves to distil our common understanding of a collaborative, shared environment and goals. We expect it to be followed in spirit as much as to the letter. 

However, failure to observe the code may be grounds for removal from the post from the site and ultimately exclusion from a participant from the lists.

If you have concerns about someone’s conduct:

  • Direct contact: it is always appropriate to email a list member, mention that you think their behaviour was out of line, and (if necessary) point them to this document.
  • Moderators: You can reach the list moderators (VTB Webcie) on:  

In case of diverging views on the interpretation of this code of conduct, the board of the VTB has the final say.


This Code of Conduct is a living document and is open for improvements. Please share your feedback and ideas so we can build it as a community.